This Giving Tuesday, Resist Business as Usual with Overnight Projects

Katya Grokhovsky, Bad Woman, Film Still, 2017

Katya Grokhovsky, Bad Woman, Film Still, 2017


Hello to all of our friends and supporters, dreamers, and doers:

Since our beginnings in 2015, Overnight Projects has been dedicated to interrupting business as usual by bringing contemporary art to unconventional spaces. We believe in art not as object or entertainment, but as an alternative framework in a world that requires intense transformation. We believe in building creative networks that nurture imagination and connection, immediately and with the resources at hand.

  • In 2018, OP brought Vermont its first-ever art book fair through collaborating with Flatlander Press and Waking Windows. We screened the 16mm films of artist, publisher, and bookseller Jon Beacham, and we memorialized and reinvented a Vacationland-era motel gutted by the Recession with five site-specific installations. Most recently, we worked with Pohan Amanda Turner, whose Maize Meditation brought us together over a meal to critically examine the relationship of land, food, and Indigenous and colonial histories.

  • Next up, we’re hosting immigrant artist provocateur Katya Grokhovsky at New City Galerie — Katya’s installation video work “Bad Woman” is a piercing (and wonderfully grotesque) examination of how binary gender roles fail us, and you can read our director’s interview with her for AUTRE here. We’re hosting a fundraiser for this upcoming exhibition on January 19, in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington, so please mark your calendars!

  • In May, we’ll be participating in Neon Heater’s nine-part series Year 7: The Temperature by presenting works themed after “Conclusion” — an apropos subject matter for our current news cycle. Details TBD, so stay tuned.

Today is “Giving Tuesday” — and while we don’t believe in unchecked consumerism (see: Black Friday, Cyber Monday), we do believe in the power of art to affect lasting cultural change. In this vein, we invite you to be a part of this mission by giving to our artist-led initiative. Any and all donations will be used — directly — to fund the hard work of our artist collaborators.

Make a tax-deductible donation today.

With love and gratitude,
Overnight Projects